Casimir cavities create a “gravity Hill” vs. “gravity Well” allowing water as fuel source

Randell Mills, founder of Black Light Power, claims a fractional quantum state of hydrogen he coins the “hydrino” which is formed inside skeletal catalyst Rayney nickel and has up to 137 fractional quantum states. The hydrino is claimed to produce much more heat energy than chemistry can explain inside the pores / cavities of the … Read moreCasimir cavities create a “gravity Hill” vs. “gravity Well” allowing water as fuel source

Relativistic interpertation of Casimir effect where longer fluctuations only appear shorter due to time dilation

An unusually exotic theory of sonoluminescence, which received much popular attention, is the Casimir energy theory suggested by noted physicist Julian Schwinger which focuses on long distance quantum radiative phenomenon associated not with atoms, but with fast-moving surfaces in the collapsing bubble.

Reactionless drive based on casimir effect using “fast hydrogen” (the hydrino without fractional states)

The hydrino was defined by Dr Randell Mills to have a frational ground state where the orbital is up to 137 times smaller than the normal minimum for hydrogen. Mills’ hydrino has been rejected by mainstream physics but he has succeeded in producing surplus heat as confirmed by Rowan Univercity.